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We Specialise In Nutec House, Installation, Maintenance, Decoration. Our Nutec Houses Houses Are Designed to last at Affordable Cost.

Our Nutec House Services

We have stock of all major and Latest Nutec houses material ready to install onsite. So if you need a log cabin, playhouse for your children, garden shed for your tools, additional living space, guard house or a garden studio. 

We are Residential and Commercial Nutec Houses Installers with a grantee for safe and durability for a long period of time. Our team is of highly trained and experienced woodworkers, builders, plumbers and site surveyors fully kitted for Work. We are always Concerned about your safety and of our team. Safety First Always.

At Ryan Nutec Maintenance we make your space worth a memory. Whether you are working, doing gardening, playing games, storage or house our designs are one to lighten up your memories. Nutec Houses are fresher than Wendy Houses, getting one gives you an added advantage to having both benefits for they are;

  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Very Strong
  • Light Weight
  • Easy To Maintain & Set Up
  • Made From Recyclable Material (Eco Friendly)
  • Nutec Houses are SAFELY Fire and Water Proof

Our Products

What Makes Our Nutec Houses Better

Nutec Houses Elements We Use

Nutec is a man-made fiber board. It is made by mixing short fibers into a cement mixture, which is then compressed to form a sheet material. The resulting board is very strong and very durable, and can be treated like any other cement surface.

Nutec is actually a trade name for a particularly high quality cement fiber board, which complies to all relevant SABS standards. The boards are used as a cladding to replace traditional pine boards on Wendy houses and garden sheds.

Nutec houses and Wendy Houses will last longer than traditional pine clad structures, and require less maintenance, however, Nutec houses does require a higher initial investment to build.

Nutec Houses Safety

As Nutec Houses & Wendy Manufacturers we also do Nutec Installations and Nutex Maintenance’s, all our products are guaranteed safe from all natural disasters scenarios, Fire Protected and Water And Rain Proof. All our Wendy House come with Standard Security, Hard to penetrate and with room to upgrade if not confident.

Nutec Houses Waterproof

We ensure that all our Nutec Houses are best Water Proofed and there is no leakage in a long period of time and for that we guarantee from day of installation. All our products are treated from wood flints, sharp edges and rough edges ensuring that all wood is sanded to smooth and is safe.

Nutec Houses Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing, is our major concern and we follow written procedures and precautions in endearing that the Installed Nutec houses are safe from fire hazardous environments and installed source of energy will not ignite or fault into fire.

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