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We have made a reputation to deliver and install Wendy Houses and Nutec Houses all around Western Cape, South Africa and we are always ready for you.

Who We Are

Ryan Nutec Maintenance is based in Cape Town. We offer a range of services and products including Construction, Wendy houses, Nutec Houses, Garden Sheds, Tools sheds and handyman services. We are focused in what we do. Our promise to you is only quality service and durable products.

We offer you a guarantee on our products and services. Our company believes in providing expert carpentry solutions that yield excellent results, at a fair and competitive cost. Regardless of the difficulty or extent of the project, you can expect our team to finish the job within the schedule and time you have specified.

We are committed to our clients and will always endeavour to finish quality projects, on time and in budget. Our Mission is to offer a professional and quality service through an effective, representative and participative team. We strive to be straight-forward, open and approachable in all relationships and with all team members. Honesty and openness creates trust.

What Makes Our Services Better
We ensure that all our Infrastructures are at best Water Proofed and ensure there is no leakage in a long period time and for that we guarantee from day of installation. All our products are treated from wood flints, sharp edges and rough edges ensuring that all wood is sanded to smooth and is safe.

Fire Proofing: is our major concern and we follow written procedures and precautions in endearing that the Installed Infrastructures is safe from fire hazardous environments and installed source of energy will not ignite or fault into fire. We highly advice not to use Our Wooden & Wooden Infrastructures as a storage for flammable products. 

Durability: A Wendy House If far Much The cheapest and easily built home Shelters In South Africa. It serves the same shelter protection and lifestyle purpose as to those provided by mortar and brick structures.

All Our Wendy Houses Are made From The best Pine wood material and they are termite and pest treated for a long life spun. All our wendy structures come with Fire, water and dust proof and we are always ready for repairs if anything goes wrong.

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